Apache Flex and Randori – building enterprise applications for all domains!

We’re hosting a meetup to demonstrate and discuss the progress of the Apache Flex project, as well as a cross-compilation DSL framework called Randori.

It is next Monday (3/18). More info, details, and sign up here:


Quick info:

Apache Flex – The open-source framework for building expressive web and mobile applications, now with the limited ability to cross compile to js apps.


Randori – Learn to use your existing development skills in a collaborative way with designers and other developers to produce large scale javascript applications.
(website and some exciting information coming at the meetup).

Flash development for Chicago-based non-profit

Four temporary opportunities in the Chicago Loop:

One month assignment beginning Wednesday 4/4/12 – Friday 5/4/12 to help an association update their eight hour online training course. Must be fluent user of Flash, AS3 and XML. Knowledge of JavaScript, MXML and FileMaker Pro is a plus but not required. Candidates will be working in Flash to create individual screens for the course, the assets will be provided by XML.

The Association is looking for one entry level candidate (pay $28/h), two intermediate candidates (pay $30.50/h) and one advanced candidate (pay $48-$50.50/h).

Interested and qualified candidates should email resumes to AGoldstein@cnpstaffing.com.

Hello Sencha: HTML5 Applications

Ted Patrick will walk you through Sencha’s frameworks for buildingmobile and desktop applications using web technologies includingHTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. We will cover the framework’s foundation(OOP+MVC), standard libraries, containers, components, xtyperendering, and most importantly cross-browser support. Bring an openmind and a laptop, we will be building applications from scratch; feelfree to follow along. Sencha provides frameworks, tools, and servicesfor building professional applications with HTML5.

Sencha is buying the pizza and beer, and we’ll be meeting up at Roundarch.  Start time will be 6pm, so please note the location and time.

Registration is here:


See you there!

Flex contract gig

J2 Creative Media Design is looking for freelance Flex developer(s) to potentially help on some upcoming projects that use Adobe AIR deployment for desktop and mobile. The period of potential work is February – March and the workload will vary. Work is not definitive at this point, but we anticipate contracts being signed with various clients in the coming days. We can be very flexible with both schedule and place of work – as most of these projects just have a finish deadline and don’t require coming to the office daily (although a visit to the office from time to time would probably not be a bad idea).

The projects range in type, from interactive trivia games to information kiosks. We use Flash Builder 4.6, and most of this work is simple application development using the standard Flex framework. We are hoping to use this opportunity to not only provide work output for upcoming projects, but to also develop a database of freelance Flex developers to help with future projects, as our company continues to grow.

If interested, please email your resume, hourly rate, and any policy-related terms tojj@iamjj.com.

Flex User Group Tour: Chicago getting some love from Adobe!

Ok, so Adobe’s CEO has made some gaffes with his communication, and maybe made Flash a bad word in development communities. Even Flex sounds gross. However Adobe wants you to know what is going on…No, seriously, they want to send us an engineer to grill, ask questions, torture, even potentially cry (actually, we don’t them to cry, we want them to help us understand). So mark your calendars for Christophe Conraets to join Chicago for a few hours of questions from the Adobe Flex engineering team.

Join us on 2/29 at (tbd) at 6pm. Registration and signup here:


In addition, Spoon is going to be on tour with these guys, and talk about the future of The Apache Flex Project and get people involved.

Sign up now so we get an accurate number for food, drinks, and paintball guns*. Can’t wait to see y’all there!

When signing up, please use your real name so security can let you in. And note that we will be at ThoughtWorks, not the ITA. (It’s on the 25th floor).

We’re also luck to have Marlon Harrison give us a quick (15 minutes or less) review of a great hack he came up with for iOS CameraRoll. He’s our opening act, but that doesn’t mean you should come late. Just another reason to get there before all the beer is gone.


Your CFUG team!


Kiril and JP


*one of these items may or may not be purchased for the event.

Ross Gerbasi to demo Kinect with Actionscript, Flex through Adobe AIR

Ross Gerbasi will be demonstrating FP11 and Kinect at CFUG Tuesday, Dec. 20. This meetup will examine using the Kinect natively with Actionscript and the Flex SDK through Adobe AIR. We will look at the native extension itself and talk over the potential of using Kinect from a application developer’s perspective. Demos will include Skeleton Management, regions, gestures, UI, and much more.

The meetup will give a sneak peak at the inner workings of the upcoming AIRKinect Extended library, which will provide a solid framework for building Kinect applications in Pure AS3. Whether you are a designer, artist, developer or just technology hobbyiest this is a meet-up you will not want to miss!

Ross Gerbasi is a senior design engineer at 15 Letters and is a founding member of as3NUI, an organization created to bring together members of the community interested in NUI development. as3NUI is currently concentrating on Micosoft Kinect. Gerbasi’s current work is in physical interactives with multiple installations, which are being used at the Chicago Field Museum and The Chicago Botanic Gardens. When not working on projects for 15 Letters, Gerbasi concentrates his efforts on film making.

For more information, check out the AS3NUI website or some of Gerbasi’s video demos and tutorials, like this one:



Sign up: cfugkinect.eventbrite.com